Saturday, December 18, 2010


Man I haven't posted in a long time! I'm qiviting (pouting) because I had this awesome post written up and while it was uploading from my cell phone John called me and it deleted te whole thing.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

Here is one of my 6 month old silver laced wyndotte. They are so pretty and they are turning into some good egg layers.

Here are one of the very first eggs one of the golden and silver laced wyndottes laid. A small quarter sized baby egg!

Here's a picture of my ugly turkey. This turkey has to be the slowest growing and the ugliest turkey I've raised so far. He better taste good! Hehe

On non-chicken news we got a new pet in our house. A Guinea pig named Bacon. He's a good boy!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tundra born, tundra fed.

I had a very interesting conversation with a scientist today while at work. He offered to show me some pictures that he took on his last trip to Africa to work with the locals to have better sustainable soil.

That started a conversation about how as a double Arctic genetic pool that I come from, I am more able to live with limited certain food groups, mainly vegetables.

Since my mothers family is Eskimo and lived mainly a high protein, high omega 3 fat, low leafy green diet and my fathers family is Finnish and pretty much ate the same things, I am in turn more healthier if I chose a high protein high omega 3 and low veggie diet. I learned that people like myself that become vegetarians could actually cause their health to decline rather than get healthier because of thousands of years genetics.

It was good to know that I am feeding my family the appropriate diet.

This kind of stuff just amazes me! To think that someone went as so far to say that you can break it down to the certain molecular level in my DNA that breaks down my special Eskimo Tundra diet needs is awesome! Happy fall!!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Virgin Blogger

So I just got an iPhone and I'm totally thrilled that I could blog from here!! This means more blogging, yay! I'm in Seward right now with my little family enjoying a night here and a day at the Sea Life Center. I plan on uploading all my bird pictures from my old phone next week so I'll post pictures and stories then!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

my chick bad, my chick good...

my chick do stuff that you chick wish you could..

Okay my chicks arent bad, but they're plenty!

I got more babies in at the end of June, I know its been awhile since I posted, our internet at home is really slow. I'm in Vegas right now, the internet in America is fast! haha.

I got six more laying hens, six meat chickens, and two turkeys.

 They all came in okay, one turkey was a little lame, I had to nurse him in a measuring cup. I named him Filbert. He died, poor thing. When I left for work he was fine, chirping away and eating. When I got home from work he was laying in the middle of the box and cold. He wasnt quite dead yet, I tried to bring him back to life, warm him up, he was just too sick or too unhealthy to revive. Oh well, so is life.

Then when I moved the chicks to the mini-coop that John put together one of the meat chickens died. I think he over ate. If I dont take food away from them for 12 hours they keep eating. Its kind of weird. They've grown faster than even the Turkeys. This is my first time getting meat chickens and I'm learning. Now I have five, thats okay.

The older turkeys I got in April are almost ready to butcher. One of them is for sure. I'm going to do it when I get back this week from Vegas. I asked my neighbor to make a killing cone and he said he'd look for one of those large construction cones and that should work. Elsa and Zach are getting married at the courthouse and having a ceremony in November so we'll eat it next week while everyone is here in town for their courthouse nuptials. :)

All other chickens in the chicken house are doing fine.

I have one girl I call her Prunehilda and she keeps scratching her head, she scratched it so much that she caused some bald spots behind her ears. The other chickens noticed this and pick the poor feathers that try to grow back in the bald spots. So now she doesnt scratch because she has 11 other chickens to pick off those feathers that were itching her. What a life!

Here's a picture of Prunehilda's bald spots.

I forgot I was going to post a picture of the crane egg that John and Ross got this spring. They took their snowmachines thru the slush and willows and went hunting for, everything! They came home with a crane egg. Its very pretty.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

call me crazy!

but, I got more birds in today!

yeah, I got 6 cornish cross meat chicks. They're cute, and yeah they eat lots...

I also got two more large white turkeys, or small white turkeys... I'm not too sure what Triple D sent me because their reciepts are old style.

and, I got 6 more laying hens. 2 silver laced wyndottes, 3 golden laced wyndottes and I think one Jersey Giant. I'm not too sure yet. :D I'll post pictures this weekend. Peace, Love and Chicken poop!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I spy with my little eye...

do you see what I see?

yeah that's right, a little bantam chicken squeezed in between my two not so small turkey's.

These chickens and turkeys grew up together, I ordered them the same day and the chickens played as babysitters for the turkeys.

It was a nice evening outside and the chickens and turkeys were spending the night in the run and not in the coop. I saw a little orange head poking out of the middle of the birds and discovered my banty sleeping in between the two big turkeys.

Soon it will be time to butcher the turkeys and the bantam chickens will be sad... :( I on the other hand will be happy to have thanksgiving dinner in July!

I spy with my little eye...

Friday, June 4, 2010

ultimate Momma.

Okay so this post has nothing to do with my chickens, it has everything to do with my aquatic animals I own.

Two years ago my boyfriend John got tired of the same old fish in my little fish tank and decided that it would be fun to get something more predatory. He's a blood thirsty hunter what do you expect? So we went to one of my most favorite pet stores Animal House (they sold their business... :( ) and picked up a craw fish... or craw daddy or cray fish.. whatever you want to call them.

We had our first craw fish for almost a year, he grew to a large size and was very good at catching fish and eating the prized parts off of them like tails and fins and cheeks and eyes... then he died. Apparently they dont live very long.

Well we got a second one and this one was a runt of the shipment, it was missing a claw, and was the smallest one and the last one left over. I got it from The Reef in Anchorage since Animal House was closed down. 

I plopped it in the tank and just let it be. I made sure it was alive once in awhile by picking up the shell it was hiding under to see if it would swim away, and it would.

Then the other day I realized that our tank was FILTHY and needed a cleaning. So I did my regular thing, fished out all the fish with a net and got the craw fish with two spoons because they try to swim away and get caught up in the net.

As I was emptying the tank I looked down into it and saw something small moving around. My heart started pounding in my throat because I thought my fish had worms.... (haha) It was BABY CRAW FISH!!!!!!

I'm NOT even joking, my craw fish had babies!!!!!!!

How WEIRD is that?

I'm still weirded out by it.

Apparently it had two sets of babies because there is a pint-sized one and two teeeeeny tiny ones.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

little girls like little birds.

Today my un-brother-in-law Zach and I put up a make-shift fence for the chickens. Well we almost finished it, we put up the sides and now just need to make a gate and top, a top because the ravens around here will eat my chickens if they could.

While doing that Clara and her two little girlfriends kept an eye on Minni and the birds. The two little girls are our neighbors and they just LOVE the little Banty chickens. I took some pictures today for you all to enjoy.

Kaitlyn, Clara and Shelby
(Clara isn't too fond of holding the little birds, that's why I only got pictures of the two other girls holding them, as you can see she has her sleeves pulled up because she said "they sometimes have poopy feet so I dont like to touch them" The other girls dont care!)

"she's so cute, and black!"

"I'm naming this one Snow Flake"

"shhhh, she's sleeping on my arm"

I had to sneak a picture of the Turkey in here, they are the size of the chickens!! I'm not even joking... They eat TONS of food too. I noticed that since they've been out in the "general population" of the chicken coop I've had to fill the chicken feeder more than usual. Sorry about the shot of the back-end but this was the best I could do, they're so busy running around and eating... What a life!!

I'll post more pictures of the fence that we constructed when we're finished. Until next time, baaaagaaaaq! Have a good one!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and The Feathered Children Get a Treat!

So today is Mother's Day. the ONE day that is only for all of us Mother's. I had to work at 630am, came home for 'lunch' at 11am and my dishes were done, I was happy. Any day that I can minimize something in my house to adjust a little more time to a few other things I do on a daily basis is nice. So Thanks John for doing the dishes this morning!

After work our family headed to my mom's house to eat Qauq and Niqapaq. My mom's table was filled with frozen trout, shiifish, boiled beluga (thanks Lily!!), seal oil, black muktuk and dried oogruk. YUM! talk about soul food! I haven't eaten so good in months. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the good food.

Even the chickens!

John has fed the chickens fish scraps since they were little in our back kunnitchuk. They usually only get the skin, and bones. This time they got the actual meat and skin and bones and they were in heaven! Fighting over the frozen treat!

On another note: the not so baby turkey's are growing like WEEDS and I think instead of Thanksgiving Turkey's they are going to end up 4th of JULY Turkey's!!

I'm also very excited to tell you that I KNOW for sure that my little tan Banty is a boy. Today he was trying in his most pre-pubescent voice to cock-a-doodle-doooo! It was SO stinkin' cute. I was a proud Chicken Momma!

Happy Mother's Day to all.

<3 this Chicken Momma!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

When I grow up....


Tonight was the Kindergarten graduation here in Kotzebue. I didn't go, well I didn't go to the 8th grade, or the high school one either. I wish I woulda went to the Kindergarten one because one boy said:

"when I grow up, I wanna be a chicken"

Now how AWESOME is that?

I probably had nothing to do with it and I have no idea who the kid was but I just think that's the coolest thing ever!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Well its Earth Day 2010, I'm happy to say that last year on earth day I wasnt really doing anything for the Earth, this year I am. :)

Raising birds for eggs and to eat is a little challenging but very rewarding. The everyday tasks around taking care of birds can be a bit overwhelming at times but I do see the end result, fresh eggs and fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving. I encourage everyone to do something not just today on Earth Day but everyday, to help keep this earth happy!

Happy Earth Day! Baaaaagaaaaaq!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yeah, one of my Rhode Island's died. Well she was so thoughtfully "put down" by means of John's 12 ga. shotgun!

If you see the picture she's just laying in the corner with her tail feathers down... I'm thinking she had a prolapsed egg because she was walking with her legs spread very wide and her tail feathers were almost dragging on the ground. She also had a distended stomach and it was very sore to the tough as she screetched when I picked her up to put her in her "box" before John got off work so she could be isolated from the other chickens.

That poor girl wasn't feeling good all morning and I went to check on the chickens at about 1 and she was sitting on the floor, wanting to eat and drink but when she started to eat or drink she just stopped to lay down on the ground and get stomped on by my other not so nice chickens. :) Well I was sad to see an established egg layer get put down but was happy she was out of her misery. John said while walking to her resting spot she was gasping for air, maybe she was on her very last leg of life. :(

This is life, and it includes death. So now I'm down to 13 laying chickens. Not too bad from what I started out with, 16 in June of 09.

added to my brood today!

Today Susan my aunt/cousin and I got an order from Triple D Farms. I was so excited when the Post Office called me to tell me my chicks were her to pick up at 9. So I was suppose to get at least 4 turkey's and three Bantam chickens from them but we ended up with 2 large white turkey chicks and three about a month old (I'm guessing) mixed straight run bantam chickens. My little dog Minni was in such a happy mood to hear happy little chicks peeping away. She's gonna be a good momma some day! Anyway, here's some pictures of the new members of Tundra Chicks. The two not so little but little turkey's names are Mashed Butato's (my nephew used to pronounce it that way so that's how I pronounce it) and Gravy. I'm very excited to see them in November, on Thanksgiving Day, ON my table, dressed and cooked. YUM! That's why they're names are Mashed Butato's and Gravy, they are FOOD! And the banty's are Larry, Curley, and Mo, here's hoping one of them is a little boy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Minni Momma

Minni's going to be a good momma one day. This week while we were watching Animal Planet, Animal Cops Houston she was very interested in the TV when the Animal Cops found a momma Cat with all her baby Kitties. Minni was whining and pacing back and forth, getting as close to the TV as possible. After they did their little stint on the Cat and Kitties they went onto another subject and Minni went behind the TV to see if the Cat and Kitties were still there. Yep, She's gonna be a good momma!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Momma!

One of my Black Sex Link chickens is much bigger than the other ones. She's my BIG MOMMA chicken! She's also the nicest Chicken I have and will let you do just about anything to her as long as it doesn't hurt. I was thinking about painting her toe nails this summer, just for fun. My flight attendant co-worker Jody says she has toenail painting parties with her girls and chickens. It sounds like fun
Here is Big Momma chicken looking at me with her one eye. Do you guys find that Chickens like to look at people with just one eye? Is it because their eyes are too far apart to see the persons whole face? I don't know!

Anyway, I'm very proud of my Big Momma, she could totally be a therapy chicken if there was such thing. She lets me hold her anyway I want, well with out hurting her of course. She also lets me stretch her wings out to see under them and check on her feathers. She's my only chicken that doesn't freak out when I'm doing this. I like to check on the wing feathers just for abnormalities and to check under them also. She's such a good Chicken Momma! I think if I were to get some eggs to hatch it would be a tough decision between her and one of the RIR, a cherry chocolate momma that likes to get semi-broody once and awhile.

So to the future chicken keepers out there: Get a black sex link! They make for really good egg layers, nice big brown consistent eggs. That is my Big Momma Chicken!

Sarah Palin, my only white chicken.

So here's Sarah Palin, she's white, she's proud of being white, and she lets everyone know that she's the only white momma in the chicken house!

Here you see Miss Palin snacking on her favorite treat, popcorn. If another chicken comes into eyesight of her treat she will scream and peck until they leave her pile alone. Yeah, she's my most bossiest chicken momma yet. 

When I got the box of chicks in from Triple D Farms my mom was with me and she was just as excited as I was to open the box when we got home to see what the chicks would look like. I knew I was getting three different breeds of chicken and I figured they were all going to be similar in color. But NO! I was surprised to see my Sarah Palin chick in the box sticking out like a sore thumb. My mom quickly said "oh no, that ones white, I hope it doesn't get picked on too much" Yeah, she said that. :D Sarah Palin as turned out to be an okay chicken momma, she proudly sings her "I laid an egg, see? Song" and sometimes she lays me some double yolkers. 

One day my younger sister Elsa and I were going to check on the chickens and Sarah Palin was in a nest box but she had her head resting against the side. My heart started pounding because I thought she was DEAD! She was alive and very much alive at that. As soon as I threw some scratch out she came jumping out of the box. I quickly went to the box to see if there was anything different about the egg she laid and boy was I in for a treat! It was HUGE! I mean like DOUBLE JUMBO XL! It was at LEAST twice the size of the other eggs in there. She musta been so tired from laboring thru the pain of laying such a huge egg! Zach quickly ate the egg in an egg sandwich, he asked and begged for the egg until I just gave in and gave it to him. :D

So I'm happy to say I'm proud of my Sarah Palin chicken, she's the only republican among a bunch of democrats! Hey its just like real life!


So its been forever since I posted, I'm sorry!

We have a crappy internet connection. I know that's not an excuse but really, it literally took me five minutes just to LOG IN! I keep having to turn my airport on and off again so the signal will go back up to half bars and not just one.

So here's the happenings in Chicken Land AK. I came home from Vegas and my younger sister who was watching the chickens saved me 12 dozen eggs! YEAH 12! So I quickly gave most of them away and ate the rest! haha. The chickens WERE enjoying the nicer warmer weather BUT mother nature has decided it's not spring here yet and has hit us with 20 below zero again. I dont mind because its easier to clean the chicken house when its that cold, they all huddle to one side while I'm cleaning to stay a little warmer because some of the heat is coming off the floor from their crap. I literally have a steaming pile of SH*T when I'm done. :D

Speaking of sh*t, I am working on my shigaloo but I've had a setback with that warm weather we had a few weeks ago, some of my blocks have fallen apart and I think some kids kicked one of them to the side. I'm not really excited about moving another 50 lb frozen brick of sh*t again, I already did it once, why should I do it again? Oh yeah, because everyone wants to see the shigaloo... I was thinking of moving the whole thing to the middle of the lagoon, or maybe off to the side because its going to turn into one big soupy mess in the spring, and not to mention the SMELL? oh my goodness... yeah, I think I'll move it! Maybe I can con my little brother in law to help me, he's always helping me with the heavy lifting and stuff.

What else? Chisana from  NAPA has been saving their old popcorn for me and its an absolute treat to the chickens, they LOVE LOVE LOVE popcorn. Thanks!

My "cousin" Susan just told me the other day she's thinking about getting chickens again, I told her to tell me when she's going to order them so I can get some Turkey's at the same time, I want to get just a couple and not the minimum for traveling. So we're going to get together and make a Triple D Farms order soon, I'm excited! More baby birds.

My dad was talking about getting quail in Chickaloon. I would love for him to get something to keep him more busy. As if building a house isnt going to keep him busy enough! hehe. 

Anyway that's all the happenings here in Frozen Chicken Land, AK! I hope I found you all in good health, spirits, and so sorry about not blogging sooner!

Monday, February 15, 2010

... in Vegas ...

Just a little update, I'm in Vegas, with my cousins. So no posts on the Chicken happenings of Kotzebue Alaska for a few days. :D

Elsa is chicken sitting my chickens and she's the best chicken auntie ever!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Time Shi-galoo!

So having a chicken coop in Kotzebue Alaska in the winter can sometimes be a little much. I try to clean out the coop at least once a week, mainly on Monday's when I have no work. My little sister usually helps me out with the cleaning and herding of the chickens, she's getting a little big pregnant though, 7 months to be exact. So if you can imagine being 7 months pregnant and asked to stand outside in the minus who-knows-what temp to help me move about 50 pounds worth of crap, tell me if you'd be excited about it...?

So I haven't been asking her to help me clean the chicken coop because I wouldn't want to do it while I had a watermelon size thing in me adding the extra weight.

I usually put all the chicken poop and shavings and whatever is on the floor into a large bin, one of those like 30 gallon bins and then I dump it in the back of my parents house where all the willows are so they can get some nutrients in the spring. I told my mom she's going to have a forest next year, she doesn't mind.

My original plan was to just dump it on the ice lagoon by my parents house but I'm afraid someone is going to run into it with a snow machine and then I'd make the front page again but because I had such a big pile of crap that someone got hurt going over it.

So I dump the bins behind my parents house. Well, since Elsa cannot really help me carry them back there anymore I've been letting them freeze in the bin. I thought it was going to be this big fight between me and the bin to get the frozen poop out of the bin and into the back yard but really its easier when they are frozen.

And, it comes out in a nice big block.

Here's where the shi-galoo comes in...

I'm making a igloo made out of chicken sh**!

Right now I have about two or three bricks, I hope it doesn't warm up too much and the melt because I really want to get a nice igloo built so I can take a picture. :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shout out, Bagaaaaaq!!

Here's to some of the top places that like to visit my blog:

Minneapolis, MN - Heeeay! Saginaw, Michigan - Hi! :D  Los Angeles, California - I will be visiting you at the end of this week, you stink but I still love you! (hehe) Palo Alto, California - sounds like a horse's name, Hello! Anchorage, Alaska - enjoy the snow and when you're done with it send it our way, but not until after Friday! United Kingdom, HI from AK! Canada, our neighbors, our closest people, Hi and enjoy the Winter Olympics!

Lots of love on my blogspot, I enjoy seeing who visits me via Google Analytics.

Here's a chicken shout out, BaaaaaaagaaaaaaQ!

Have Eggs, Will Sell....

I have eggs right now if anyone wants to buy them.  Call me at 412-1661. I can also ship them to the village if need be. I am trying to only sell my eggs on  one day of the week and I  chose Sunday but since I travel on my days off I think I should go with Monday that way I still have that day off but I am usually home by then.

I am leaving to Vegas on Friday with my best girl cousins, so I'll be gone for  a week. If you need eggs my younger sister Elsa who is the best Chicken Auntie EVER will be at my mom and dad's house and she can sell them to you, you can call 442-3984.

The Art of Blowing a Ptarmigan Stomach

Well you asked for it and I finally have a good internet connection to do this post.

John goes Ptarmigan hunting pretty much whenever he gets a chance and we eat a lot of ptarmigan. Ptarmigan are weird birds, they have feed like rabbits all furry and warm looking, and they change colors with the season. Ptarmigan mostly eat pussy willow buds, so you can almost always find them in the willows eating away. 

These birds have a "storage stomach" so when they eat it goes into this storage stomach to be stored for when they actually NEED the food. Elders say that when you get Ptarmigan with really full storage stomach's it is going to get stormy because they prepare by eating a lot of buds and storing them for when they cannot go out into the storm to eat. All birds have these stomach's but Ptarmigan's can get really BIG.  As you can see from the above photo there is two ways into the stomach, an enterance from the mouth and an exit to the actual stomach of the bird. This is how you blow them up:

FIRST, you need a good man to go hunting for you and to NOT shoot thru these stomachs, they are right below the head between the breast meat.  You need a good man to pluck the ptarmigan in the feild when it is a lot easier to do while the blood is still warm. (this helps by me not having to do it so I have more motivation to blow the stomach's out. :D) 

When you start to skin the Ptarmigan you should do it from this spot first, so you have less of a chance to cut or rip the VERY thin membrane.You should be very careful to slowly pull this stomach out from in between the breast meat, gently  tug while it separates from the rest of the body. Cut it off the bird and make sure you leave enough so that you can tie it off. Get yourself one of those cheap bendy straws from the store, and slit the bottom of it so it can fit into a narrower space. Then you tie off one end and put the straw in the other end. I usually have John hold it for me because its hard to do on your own. 

You blow the straw until it cannot hold any more air, then you tie it off with dental floss and tie the two ends together and hang until it dries. Elders say that having these hang in your house is good luck. They are very cool when they dry out, you can shake it and the buds in the inside are like a rattle. Since there are no stomach acids or any digestive juices in this they smell VERY GOOD, like willow buds in the spring time.


This one was a big one, full of buds.

Here is a close up shot of all the buds in the inside of the storage stomach.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Art of Blowing Out an Egg!

My dad taught me how to blow out seagull eggs so we can hang them in our house. In his house he's got Murr eggs that are blue with black specks on them. They are really pointy at the top to keep from rolling off the rocks. These seagull eggs were blown out and I made soup with the egg insides. It was good egg drop soup! Seagull egg drop soup!

The way I do it is I have a really sharp knife, and I dont use the point part of the knife, I use the blade, to go round and around the end of the egg. Seagull's have really thick membranes in their eggs so I use one of those snazzy wine bottle openers to break thru the membrane. Then I do it on the other side, then blow it out. They make nice little things to hang in your house. Someone told me that hanging seagull eggs and ptarmigan storage stomach's is good luck.

Turkey Jerky

This April I hope to get maybe seven turkey's. I want to raise them April thru November, just to butcher them for Thanksgiving. It would be so nice to have a fresh turkey for once. I am planning on getting some old igloo's (the loading containers airlines use) from Alaska Airlines and turn one into a turkey pen. I've read a lot about turkey's and everyone says "turkey's are dumb, they can kill them self by drinking water"... wow. They must be really dumb. But, they taste good, right?

In this picture my daughter Clara was so scared of the turkey's, maybe because they were on a table and higher than she was. Coltrane wasn't scared of the Turkey's, just Clara! This was at the state fair in Palmer, AK. I thought it was funny that we had chickens and she's fine with them and when we came around the turkey part of the livestock showing she just got really scared! I think she even started to cry after this, because I was trying to get her to see that they weren't going to get her or anything, they are in cages!

Bethel Chickens

These chickens live in Bethel at John's sister Sharon and brother in law Tad's house. They have a tall coop with a roll out nest box. I'd like a roll out nest box someday but think that the eggs stay a little cleaner in my nest boxes with a bunch of hay in them. Tad also had a goose then, I don't know if he still has her, but she was loud and aggressive! Geese are like watch dogs, so I hear... I got my own little watch dog, Minni! :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monkey Around!

I thought this was an awesome picture opp, we went to Bethel this summer to fish camp with John's family and the camp next to theirs had this up in their drying racks... cute eh?

Pancakes for Chicken

My chickens like pancakes! Well, they like anything!

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Probaby NOT a waste of my time...

I've been spending HOURS reading posts on its a Chicken Forum and a place where if you have a question, someone has an answer. I found so much cool information on here and some really cool pictures. I also found some stuff about cold weather coops, and for it being WAY below zero this past two weeks my chickens are doing a lot better than what was expected. I think if I could just post questions and answers on that forum ALL day I probably would. Today I was looking under the tab of chicken egg production, or something like that and I clicked on the topic of HUGE EGG and MAAAAN it was a big egg... they said it was "an egg inside of an egg" I wish they would have posted a picture of the egg inside of an egg. I also saw a picture of a funky looking egg with like starbursts type of patterns on it, some kind of genetic mutation or something. Anyway, if you're bored and want to learn about chickens (and dont take anything to heart because I read on there that chickens cannot and will not produce eggs if the weather is below zero and you dont have an actual heater in your coop, hello? I'm living proof!) check it out!

Chicken Momma!

Read and retain! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

crack for me

Puppy breath is like crack for me... call me a weirdo but I think it smells good!


chicken butts. They have fluffy butts to keep their eggs nice and warm. I always tell all my visitors to my chicken coop "touch the feathers by their butt, they are so soft!" Its because I can't believe it myself, soft butt feathers! :)

Egg Cartons

stamping fool!

YAY my egg cartons came in today, well like I said earlier they came in on Friday but the Post Office wasnt open yesterday so I got them today. You know what the sad thing was? I didnt even have a yellow slip in my box today, I just knew they were there... The postman said "wow, you must be psychic!" I said yep, special skills! haha

So I'm stamping all my cartons so I dont have to bring out those stamps again. I'm getting pretty tired of it too... I would ALMOST pay someone to do this, like 5 bucks? :) I'll post pictures later...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Naqu! (cross-eyed)

That's how my eye's were after making the stamps for my egg cartons! I did a little research on stamps and realized that I didn't want to throw down 50.00 PLUS shipping (and you know that since we're international I'm sure it would have been like 30.00!) ;) on a custom made stamp, so I went to Office Max this last weekend while we were in town and bought a "make your own stamp" kit. It comes with LOTS of little letters that you have to use tweezers to put on the stamp. I have to have the FDA food warning label on my egg cartons and it's quite long, so I had a lot of tweezing and squashing of letters to do. Plus, I ran out of "e"s and "o"s so I had to improvise. :) I'll post a picture when I get my egg cartons on Tuesday since tomorrow is a holiday and the post office will not be open. It was ALMOST worth the extra money to just get a stamp made but I think if I stamp ALL my cartons on Tuesday I wont have to use them until I need more cartons. Just a word of advice if you're going to make your own stamps, take frequent breaks to look across the room or far away so you don't become NAQU like I did.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


This has NOTHING to do with chickens but its just as cute!

This is Minni after a bath! :)