Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Give him wood, he will build!

Is that how that saying goes? I cant remember. Anyway, on Saturday June 20th Calvin and Sonia called at about 10am to tell us they were going to get ready to head over to my parents house to start the building of my coop! How exciting! John and I went over there and the guys started to take apart crates, put together 2x4's and next thing you knew, we had a floor, walls and a roof! Some issues have arise since that day, like when it rains or is windy the satellite dish doesn't get a good reception (as soon as I can post pictures you will understand what I'm talking about) so we're going to have to move it a little over. HOPEFULLY Eviky, and some of her guys can move it over a bit. Anyway nothing else new going on here. I ha vent heard back from NWAB, so I think I will call them this week... Also, I ordered my chickens from Triple D Farms in Palmer, to arrive the week of the 13th thru the 17th of July. I'll be done by then... :) Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

multi-tasker extrodinaire

I'm at work (SHHHH) but I am working. I'm also blogging. I shouldn't be but whatever. I wish my camera was with me earlier when I went to my Ahnna's because the ice in front of town is amazing. Not that I've seen it every single year I've lived here but when you are growing up its not as interesting as when you're old enough to stop and listen... Anyway I just wanted to drop in a little note, no wood yet... still waiting. Also, I found some cool things on I think that's what the website is, anyway its like craigslist, but maybe better! :) Look under the farming section, I found some neat stuff. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Be Patient Grasshopper!

Half the problem of living in the arctic is having to wait a long time for things... Things like more wood, insulation, an answer from a grant opp, some feed, some pine shavings, mason jar feeders.... stuff like that! I'm waiting very patiently and I think I should be awarded for it! Snail mail sucks.

On the other hand, I went to check out some prices in Anchorage for a few things I needed and boy do the prices get slashed in Anchorage. WOW I mean to the point of wanting to move... well not really, but really.

By the way I should also receive an award for "Best Duck Auntie" since my little sister wasn't competent in in duck babysitting. I saved them from their own crap, literally. I should also say that a petition has been started (not really but it should be) for my sister Maija to GET RID of her yellow lab, Shockie. I know she's cute but she's become good-for-nothing and a liability, so in the words of my most wisdom father: "if it is good-for-nothing, get rid of it goddamnit!!!"