Sunday, June 7, 2009

Be Patient Grasshopper!

Half the problem of living in the arctic is having to wait a long time for things... Things like more wood, insulation, an answer from a grant opp, some feed, some pine shavings, mason jar feeders.... stuff like that! I'm waiting very patiently and I think I should be awarded for it! Snail mail sucks.

On the other hand, I went to check out some prices in Anchorage for a few things I needed and boy do the prices get slashed in Anchorage. WOW I mean to the point of wanting to move... well not really, but really.

By the way I should also receive an award for "Best Duck Auntie" since my little sister wasn't competent in in duck babysitting. I saved them from their own crap, literally. I should also say that a petition has been started (not really but it should be) for my sister Maija to GET RID of her yellow lab, Shockie. I know she's cute but she's become good-for-nothing and a liability, so in the words of my most wisdom father: "if it is good-for-nothing, get rid of it goddamnit!!!"


  1. I agree with the whole I am not competent in duck sitting, and the shockie thing!!

    at least now, the ducks are happy campers in their new home

  2. I third the Shockie thing...and thank you Duck Auntie, I'm getting you a shirt.