Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here is where I stand, hammer in hand!

Well; maybe not, yet! Calvin and I had a session brainstorming the other night of chicken coop designs and how big it will be and all that fun stuff.... I got my zoning paperwork to turn in tomorrow along with the measly 10 dollar fee for the building permit from the City of Kotzebue. What a rip! haha. I collected more wood also, mostly drift wood for perches for the brooders. (and I will come get that crate from by the teachers housing, from by!) I have counted enough ply-wood to construct it.

I also have registered with the FDA for the refrigerator. Ask me how funny it is that we have to do that... anyway I've been looking for a "dorm room" refrigerator on craigslist, my most favoritest place to pass time at work (ssshhhh!). I'm getting excited, even though the chickens wont start laying until at least October at this rate... we'll see, maybe I'll encourage them to lay earlier than 22 weeks. :)

Sorry I don't have ANY pictures on this blog yet, I finally found my camera's battery charger cord, so my battery is happily charging away right now. I will be in Seattle all week next week for work so I don't think I will blog then, I might. We shall see. :)

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