Tuesday, May 18, 2010

little girls like little birds.

Today my un-brother-in-law Zach and I put up a make-shift fence for the chickens. Well we almost finished it, we put up the sides and now just need to make a gate and top, a top because the ravens around here will eat my chickens if they could.

While doing that Clara and her two little girlfriends kept an eye on Minni and the birds. The two little girls are our neighbors and they just LOVE the little Banty chickens. I took some pictures today for you all to enjoy.

Kaitlyn, Clara and Shelby
(Clara isn't too fond of holding the little birds, that's why I only got pictures of the two other girls holding them, as you can see she has her sleeves pulled up because she said "they sometimes have poopy feet so I dont like to touch them" The other girls dont care!)

"she's so cute, and black!"

"I'm naming this one Snow Flake"

"shhhh, she's sleeping on my arm"

I had to sneak a picture of the Turkey in here, they are the size of the chickens!! I'm not even joking... They eat TONS of food too. I noticed that since they've been out in the "general population" of the chicken coop I've had to fill the chicken feeder more than usual. Sorry about the shot of the back-end but this was the best I could do, they're so busy running around and eating... What a life!!

I'll post more pictures of the fence that we constructed when we're finished. Until next time, baaaagaaaaq! Have a good one!


  1. Love the pictures!! Funny how kids are with animals.
    I decided to get my replacement chicks in July of this year, right in the middle of fishing. Not sure how smart that was!!
    We STILL have a temporary fence of herring netting up, 5 years later. HOPEFULLY this year the permanent stuff will get put up.
    Can wait to see how big that turkey gets!!

  2. Saima, you crack me up! baaaagaaaq!

  3. Was doing some 'work' on the net and came across this link.

    Had to share. So wish this was doable out here in the bush for my chickens!!!