Friday, June 4, 2010

ultimate Momma.

Okay so this post has nothing to do with my chickens, it has everything to do with my aquatic animals I own.

Two years ago my boyfriend John got tired of the same old fish in my little fish tank and decided that it would be fun to get something more predatory. He's a blood thirsty hunter what do you expect? So we went to one of my most favorite pet stores Animal House (they sold their business... :( ) and picked up a craw fish... or craw daddy or cray fish.. whatever you want to call them.

We had our first craw fish for almost a year, he grew to a large size and was very good at catching fish and eating the prized parts off of them like tails and fins and cheeks and eyes... then he died. Apparently they dont live very long.

Well we got a second one and this one was a runt of the shipment, it was missing a claw, and was the smallest one and the last one left over. I got it from The Reef in Anchorage since Animal House was closed down. 

I plopped it in the tank and just let it be. I made sure it was alive once in awhile by picking up the shell it was hiding under to see if it would swim away, and it would.

Then the other day I realized that our tank was FILTHY and needed a cleaning. So I did my regular thing, fished out all the fish with a net and got the craw fish with two spoons because they try to swim away and get caught up in the net.

As I was emptying the tank I looked down into it and saw something small moving around. My heart started pounding in my throat because I thought my fish had worms.... (haha) It was BABY CRAW FISH!!!!!!

I'm NOT even joking, my craw fish had babies!!!!!!!

How WEIRD is that?

I'm still weirded out by it.

Apparently it had two sets of babies because there is a pint-sized one and two teeeeeny tiny ones.


  1. Craw Fish are a lot like lobsters. They hide the eggs in their underbelly. How lucky you are and Congrats.. Craw-Ma!

  2. thank you!! I'm so proud of my baby crawfish! Now I'm a Chicken Momma, a Turkey Momma, and a craw-momma!!