Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and The Feathered Children Get a Treat!

So today is Mother's Day. the ONE day that is only for all of us Mother's. I had to work at 630am, came home for 'lunch' at 11am and my dishes were done, I was happy. Any day that I can minimize something in my house to adjust a little more time to a few other things I do on a daily basis is nice. So Thanks John for doing the dishes this morning!

After work our family headed to my mom's house to eat Qauq and Niqapaq. My mom's table was filled with frozen trout, shiifish, boiled beluga (thanks Lily!!), seal oil, black muktuk and dried oogruk. YUM! talk about soul food! I haven't eaten so good in months. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the good food.

Even the chickens!

John has fed the chickens fish scraps since they were little in our back kunnitchuk. They usually only get the skin, and bones. This time they got the actual meat and skin and bones and they were in heaven! Fighting over the frozen treat!

On another note: the not so baby turkey's are growing like WEEDS and I think instead of Thanksgiving Turkey's they are going to end up 4th of JULY Turkey's!!

I'm also very excited to tell you that I KNOW for sure that my little tan Banty is a boy. Today he was trying in his most pre-pubescent voice to cock-a-doodle-doooo! It was SO stinkin' cute. I was a proud Chicken Momma!

Happy Mother's Day to all.

<3 this Chicken Momma!

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