Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Time Shi-galoo!

So having a chicken coop in Kotzebue Alaska in the winter can sometimes be a little much. I try to clean out the coop at least once a week, mainly on Monday's when I have no work. My little sister usually helps me out with the cleaning and herding of the chickens, she's getting a little big pregnant though, 7 months to be exact. So if you can imagine being 7 months pregnant and asked to stand outside in the minus who-knows-what temp to help me move about 50 pounds worth of crap, tell me if you'd be excited about it...?

So I haven't been asking her to help me clean the chicken coop because I wouldn't want to do it while I had a watermelon size thing in me adding the extra weight.

I usually put all the chicken poop and shavings and whatever is on the floor into a large bin, one of those like 30 gallon bins and then I dump it in the back of my parents house where all the willows are so they can get some nutrients in the spring. I told my mom she's going to have a forest next year, she doesn't mind.

My original plan was to just dump it on the ice lagoon by my parents house but I'm afraid someone is going to run into it with a snow machine and then I'd make the front page again but because I had such a big pile of crap that someone got hurt going over it.

So I dump the bins behind my parents house. Well, since Elsa cannot really help me carry them back there anymore I've been letting them freeze in the bin. I thought it was going to be this big fight between me and the bin to get the frozen poop out of the bin and into the back yard but really its easier when they are frozen.

And, it comes out in a nice big block.

Here's where the shi-galoo comes in...

I'm making a igloo made out of chicken sh**!

Right now I have about two or three bricks, I hope it doesn't warm up too much and the melt because I really want to get a nice igloo built so I can take a picture. :D


  1. OMG... Let Koy help you. :) Give him free eggs as payment. haha.

  2. I TOTALLY want to see a picture. :)