Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have Eggs, Will Sell....

I have eggs right now if anyone wants to buy them.  Call me at 412-1661. I can also ship them to the village if need be. I am trying to only sell my eggs on  one day of the week and I  chose Sunday but since I travel on my days off I think I should go with Monday that way I still have that day off but I am usually home by then.

I am leaving to Vegas on Friday with my best girl cousins, so I'll be gone for  a week. If you need eggs my younger sister Elsa who is the best Chicken Auntie EVER will be at my mom and dad's house and she can sell them to you, you can call 442-3984.

1 comment:

  1. Whatever, she's only the best chicken auntie cause the coop is at mom and dad's!!! haha...I swear I'd be a good chicken auntie if it was at my house...minus the cleaning that is. That's why I have a 13 year old though! :) He would be the best chicken nephew ever. Or...chicken.cousin??! Have fun.