Tuesday, April 20, 2010

added to my brood today!

Today Susan my aunt/cousin and I got an order from Triple D Farms. I was so excited when the Post Office called me to tell me my chicks were her to pick up at 9. So I was suppose to get at least 4 turkey's and three Bantam chickens from them but we ended up with 2 large white turkey chicks and three about a month old (I'm guessing) mixed straight run bantam chickens. My little dog Minni was in such a happy mood to hear happy little chicks peeping away. She's gonna be a good momma some day! Anyway, here's some pictures of the new members of Tundra Chicks. The two not so little but little turkey's names are Mashed Butato's (my nephew used to pronounce it that way so that's how I pronounce it) and Gravy. I'm very excited to see them in November, on Thanksgiving Day, ON my table, dressed and cooked. YUM! That's why they're names are Mashed Butato's and Gravy, they are FOOD! And the banty's are Larry, Curley, and Mo, here's hoping one of them is a little boy!


  1. I am going to have to check out your chick source. We keep talking about getting turkeys BUT from where I order the minimum is 20 and that just seems like more work than I want to do.
    Good luck with these and keep us in the loop as to how they all do.
    Love the names!!

  2. I made an order with my aunt so we ordered a total of 15 assorted birds. 10 were day old pullets and 2 were my turkeys and the other 3 were my couple week old banty's. :) Triple D is good, as long as you have enough chicks to keep warm in the shipping process they'll ship to you.