Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Well its Earth Day 2010, I'm happy to say that last year on earth day I wasnt really doing anything for the Earth, this year I am. :)

Raising birds for eggs and to eat is a little challenging but very rewarding. The everyday tasks around taking care of birds can be a bit overwhelming at times but I do see the end result, fresh eggs and fresh Turkey for Thanksgiving. I encourage everyone to do something not just today on Earth Day but everyday, to help keep this earth happy!

Happy Earth Day! Baaaaagaaaaaq!!!


  1. I cloth diaper and use cloth wipes. I love it. It's healthy for my kids, and the planet :-)

  2. my mom used cloth diapers and wipes with us three girls also. I think it really helps with potty training also. We were all potty trained at like 1 year and a couple months probably because we didnt enjoy having a wet diaper because it was REALLY WET! These diapers they make now are for "dryness" I dont get it!! Thats why we have kids wearing diapers at like three years old!!!!! ugh!

    I have to say that I was embarrassed when my friends would come over and we would have literally a hundred cloth diapers hanging in our utility room drying on the clothes lines.. my friends would ask "What are those?!" or "whats in this bucket in the bathroom?" I'd say OPEN IT AND FIND OUT! haha.