Sunday, January 17, 2010

Naqu! (cross-eyed)

That's how my eye's were after making the stamps for my egg cartons! I did a little research on stamps and realized that I didn't want to throw down 50.00 PLUS shipping (and you know that since we're international I'm sure it would have been like 30.00!) ;) on a custom made stamp, so I went to Office Max this last weekend while we were in town and bought a "make your own stamp" kit. It comes with LOTS of little letters that you have to use tweezers to put on the stamp. I have to have the FDA food warning label on my egg cartons and it's quite long, so I had a lot of tweezing and squashing of letters to do. Plus, I ran out of "e"s and "o"s so I had to improvise. :) I'll post a picture when I get my egg cartons on Tuesday since tomorrow is a holiday and the post office will not be open. It was ALMOST worth the extra money to just get a stamp made but I think if I stamp ALL my cartons on Tuesday I wont have to use them until I need more cartons. Just a word of advice if you're going to make your own stamps, take frequent breaks to look across the room or far away so you don't become NAQU like I did.

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