Tuesday, January 19, 2010

crack for me

Puppy breath is like crack for me... call me a weirdo but I think it smells good!


  1. Hey Saima!

    For some reason I thought I was already following your blog, so now I have fixed that error! Anyway, Your chicken project is so amazing and fabulous -- at my mom's house in Indiana when I was in college, we started a chicken project and it was so fun. We even got those fancy top hats and feathered feets from Murray McMurray. I keep having ideas that I could do it here -- so I'll love to see how you set it up and how it works out for you. But I think I'll wait till my girls are a bit older so that I won't have to take care of chickens AND daughters because the daughters will be helping take care of the chickens.

    Anyway, I'm in Hooper Bay. I get eggs from my Full Circle Farm CSA box from Washington but they are $8.80 a dozen -- but maybe with freight and all it might be similar with yours? Which I would understand. But if there's a way..... OR if Kotz teams come here again (they were here last weekend) maybe the coach could bring them in his/her luggage to the school (where I spend most of my life anyway) and I could paypal you? :)

  2. Sure! Or when we got to Bethel, where my boyfriend is from I'll send you some thru Hageland or something... ? I'll let you know! AND, chickens are so easy! They eat scraps and pretty much keep their floor clean. The only thing I would advise you on is the shipping costs of the feed and pine shavings for the floor. If you can get a "community" chicken coop together that would be more economical and I think if everyone took turns taking care of the coop it would be better for you guys also. I thought about it but didnt want to take on the task of setting up weeks to clean and all that stuff so I did it by myself. I usually clean my coops floor like once a week but people say that is overkill... I dont mind at all. It takes me about a half an hour. I got my chicks from Triple D in Palmer. They dont add any antibiotics or any thing like that, so that's why I chose them. I would advise on getting the chicks from AK because I looked into the shipping from Murray McMurray and it was crazy, like 70.00 for 25 chicks. I only wanted like 16 and the minimum was 25. Also, dont get them straight run, you'll end up with a bunch of boys. :)