Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Art of Blowing Out an Egg!

My dad taught me how to blow out seagull eggs so we can hang them in our house. In his house he's got Murr eggs that are blue with black specks on them. They are really pointy at the top to keep from rolling off the rocks. These seagull eggs were blown out and I made soup with the egg insides. It was good egg drop soup! Seagull egg drop soup!

The way I do it is I have a really sharp knife, and I dont use the point part of the knife, I use the blade, to go round and around the end of the egg. Seagull's have really thick membranes in their eggs so I use one of those snazzy wine bottle openers to break thru the membrane. Then I do it on the other side, then blow it out. They make nice little things to hang in your house. Someone told me that hanging seagull eggs and ptarmigan storage stomach's is good luck.


  1. I have never seen a seagull egg before but it's beautiful! I'd love to see how they look hanging up too!

  2. Blow Saima BLOW! hahaha... I don't have our hanging, they're in a glass bread pan on the TV thingy! Nice Tupperware too!

    Next year we should blow out some swan eggs too! :) Hope Uncle is out, ya know?!

    You should blow out your chicken eggs and hang them, they are so pretty! Peace out!

  3. Do you have any photos of ptarmigan's storage stomachs?

    I'm don't think we're allowed to kill ptarmigans in Scotland. We're certainly not allowed to eat swan's eggs, although I believe the Queen and the Fellows of Christ's College in Cambridge are allowed to eat swan.

    Seagull eggs are gathered commercially in some areas but they're not widely eaten.

  4. I should have blown out one of the seagull eggs that I tried to eat. that would have been an awesome keepsake!

    i'd love to see the ptarmigan stomach too!