Thursday, January 14, 2010

Egg Carton Express!

I went shopping online a couple weeks ago to get some egg cartons since the chickens are laying about 10 eggs a day and I came across some really good deals, 32.70 for 120 cartons!! With FREE SHIPPING! YEeeah! So I went to check out and they asked for the shipping address and all that fun stuff, then a new page comes up, 40.00 for International shipping! WHAT!? We arent international? Or are we? So I called the number on the bottom and some girl answered, she sounded like she was like 10, I asked her why Alaskan's have to pay international shipping. "Because you are international." What? Aren't we part of the United States? "I dont know, all I know is if you want it shipped its going to be international and you have to fill out paperwork" WHAT? for some egg cartons!? "yeah, international shipping since you are in Alaska" What high school did you go do? because last time I checked we were part of the United States. "Ma'am, if you want these cartons to be shipped to Alaska you need to pay for international shipping" Do you have a supervisor? "no". Okay end of conversation. :)

So I trashed that idea of getting the egg cartons shipped to me, and called Dean's sister Lorraine. Lorraine is super cool, she's got chickens, goats, horses, mini-horses... all that fun stuff! She lives in Roy, WA. THAT is in the United States! haha. So I had the cartons shipped to her and she so kindly went to the post office and shipped them to me!! :)

So my egg cartons are ON THE WAY! YAY! Its a good thing because right now the chickens are laying about 10 eggs a day and we've been eating lotsa eggs. I would much rather sell them to make some money back for the feed and all that stuff. AND, for the people of Kotzebue to enjoy my awesome eggs. (well they are my chickens awesome eggs) Anyway, be patient I will soon have some cartons of my own to sell my eggs in.

PS, for those of you wondering why I couldnt just sell them in the cartons that I saved up from buying eggs at the store? I could get in looooootsa trouble. I would LOVE to think that everyone out there is my friend and wont do that kind of stuff, BUUUUT you know there are a few people out there that would LOVE to see you get eff-ed over so I'm covering my own...


  1. Hey, you CAN use the cartons that you saved from the store. Trust me, you're not going to get in trouble from selling eggs from your tiny Kotzebue chicken hobby in used commercial egg cartons. 10 eggs per day is not a business.

  2. FYI: Triple D seels their eggs in recycled containers. I know cuz I buy my eggs from them.

  3. Here in Delta Junction, if individuals sell from one person to another (versus to stores), they sell in recycled cartons. I say recycle away!