Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turkey Jerky

This April I hope to get maybe seven turkey's. I want to raise them April thru November, just to butcher them for Thanksgiving. It would be so nice to have a fresh turkey for once. I am planning on getting some old igloo's (the loading containers airlines use) from Alaska Airlines and turn one into a turkey pen. I've read a lot about turkey's and everyone says "turkey's are dumb, they can kill them self by drinking water"... wow. They must be really dumb. But, they taste good, right?

In this picture my daughter Clara was so scared of the turkey's, maybe because they were on a table and higher than she was. Coltrane wasn't scared of the Turkey's, just Clara! This was at the state fair in Palmer, AK. I thought it was funny that we had chickens and she's fine with them and when we came around the turkey part of the livestock showing she just got really scared! I think she even started to cry after this, because I was trying to get her to see that they weren't going to get her or anything, they are in cages!

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