Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Momma!

One of my Black Sex Link chickens is much bigger than the other ones. She's my BIG MOMMA chicken! She's also the nicest Chicken I have and will let you do just about anything to her as long as it doesn't hurt. I was thinking about painting her toe nails this summer, just for fun. My flight attendant co-worker Jody says she has toenail painting parties with her girls and chickens. It sounds like fun
Here is Big Momma chicken looking at me with her one eye. Do you guys find that Chickens like to look at people with just one eye? Is it because their eyes are too far apart to see the persons whole face? I don't know!

Anyway, I'm very proud of my Big Momma, she could totally be a therapy chicken if there was such thing. She lets me hold her anyway I want, well with out hurting her of course. She also lets me stretch her wings out to see under them and check on her feathers. She's my only chicken that doesn't freak out when I'm doing this. I like to check on the wing feathers just for abnormalities and to check under them also. She's such a good Chicken Momma! I think if I were to get some eggs to hatch it would be a tough decision between her and one of the RIR, a cherry chocolate momma that likes to get semi-broody once and awhile.

So to the future chicken keepers out there: Get a black sex link! They make for really good egg layers, nice big brown consistent eggs. That is my Big Momma Chicken!

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