Monday, July 19, 2010

my chick bad, my chick good...

my chick do stuff that you chick wish you could..

Okay my chicks arent bad, but they're plenty!

I got more babies in at the end of June, I know its been awhile since I posted, our internet at home is really slow. I'm in Vegas right now, the internet in America is fast! haha.

I got six more laying hens, six meat chickens, and two turkeys.

 They all came in okay, one turkey was a little lame, I had to nurse him in a measuring cup. I named him Filbert. He died, poor thing. When I left for work he was fine, chirping away and eating. When I got home from work he was laying in the middle of the box and cold. He wasnt quite dead yet, I tried to bring him back to life, warm him up, he was just too sick or too unhealthy to revive. Oh well, so is life.

Then when I moved the chicks to the mini-coop that John put together one of the meat chickens died. I think he over ate. If I dont take food away from them for 12 hours they keep eating. Its kind of weird. They've grown faster than even the Turkeys. This is my first time getting meat chickens and I'm learning. Now I have five, thats okay.

The older turkeys I got in April are almost ready to butcher. One of them is for sure. I'm going to do it when I get back this week from Vegas. I asked my neighbor to make a killing cone and he said he'd look for one of those large construction cones and that should work. Elsa and Zach are getting married at the courthouse and having a ceremony in November so we'll eat it next week while everyone is here in town for their courthouse nuptials. :)

All other chickens in the chicken house are doing fine.

I have one girl I call her Prunehilda and she keeps scratching her head, she scratched it so much that she caused some bald spots behind her ears. The other chickens noticed this and pick the poor feathers that try to grow back in the bald spots. So now she doesnt scratch because she has 11 other chickens to pick off those feathers that were itching her. What a life!

Here's a picture of Prunehilda's bald spots.

I forgot I was going to post a picture of the crane egg that John and Ross got this spring. They took their snowmachines thru the slush and willows and went hunting for, everything! They came home with a crane egg. Its very pretty.


  1. Did you eat the crane egg?

    Ben was taking care of some friends chicken's for a couple of weeks. There was a couple of hen's that had bald spots like that, only they were caused by the mean rooster that would jump on their back and peck their feathers. He was a bully!

    Umm, and what's up w/ the wedding? I thought they were getting married next summer?

  2. they are having a cerimony in November, when zach gets back from basic. They have to be married before he joins the army or something...? I dont know. All I know is that they are going to the courthouse next week with my parents and his parents to get 'married'. Then have a nice wedding after basic is done in November in Anchorage. Its all confusing to me too! haha.

  3. oh, and Ross and his family ate that crane egg. I did have some seagull eggs this spring from my cousin Aya. they were deeeelish!