Sunday, March 28, 2010

Minni Momma

Minni's going to be a good momma one day. This week while we were watching Animal Planet, Animal Cops Houston she was very interested in the TV when the Animal Cops found a momma Cat with all her baby Kitties. Minni was whining and pacing back and forth, getting as close to the TV as possible. After they did their little stint on the Cat and Kitties they went onto another subject and Minni went behind the TV to see if the Cat and Kitties were still there. Yep, She's gonna be a good momma!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big Momma!

One of my Black Sex Link chickens is much bigger than the other ones. She's my BIG MOMMA chicken! She's also the nicest Chicken I have and will let you do just about anything to her as long as it doesn't hurt. I was thinking about painting her toe nails this summer, just for fun. My flight attendant co-worker Jody says she has toenail painting parties with her girls and chickens. It sounds like fun
Here is Big Momma chicken looking at me with her one eye. Do you guys find that Chickens like to look at people with just one eye? Is it because their eyes are too far apart to see the persons whole face? I don't know!

Anyway, I'm very proud of my Big Momma, she could totally be a therapy chicken if there was such thing. She lets me hold her anyway I want, well with out hurting her of course. She also lets me stretch her wings out to see under them and check on her feathers. She's my only chicken that doesn't freak out when I'm doing this. I like to check on the wing feathers just for abnormalities and to check under them also. She's such a good Chicken Momma! I think if I were to get some eggs to hatch it would be a tough decision between her and one of the RIR, a cherry chocolate momma that likes to get semi-broody once and awhile.

So to the future chicken keepers out there: Get a black sex link! They make for really good egg layers, nice big brown consistent eggs. That is my Big Momma Chicken!

Sarah Palin, my only white chicken.

So here's Sarah Palin, she's white, she's proud of being white, and she lets everyone know that she's the only white momma in the chicken house!

Here you see Miss Palin snacking on her favorite treat, popcorn. If another chicken comes into eyesight of her treat she will scream and peck until they leave her pile alone. Yeah, she's my most bossiest chicken momma yet. 

When I got the box of chicks in from Triple D Farms my mom was with me and she was just as excited as I was to open the box when we got home to see what the chicks would look like. I knew I was getting three different breeds of chicken and I figured they were all going to be similar in color. But NO! I was surprised to see my Sarah Palin chick in the box sticking out like a sore thumb. My mom quickly said "oh no, that ones white, I hope it doesn't get picked on too much" Yeah, she said that. :D Sarah Palin as turned out to be an okay chicken momma, she proudly sings her "I laid an egg, see? Song" and sometimes she lays me some double yolkers. 

One day my younger sister Elsa and I were going to check on the chickens and Sarah Palin was in a nest box but she had her head resting against the side. My heart started pounding because I thought she was DEAD! She was alive and very much alive at that. As soon as I threw some scratch out she came jumping out of the box. I quickly went to the box to see if there was anything different about the egg she laid and boy was I in for a treat! It was HUGE! I mean like DOUBLE JUMBO XL! It was at LEAST twice the size of the other eggs in there. She musta been so tired from laboring thru the pain of laying such a huge egg! Zach quickly ate the egg in an egg sandwich, he asked and begged for the egg until I just gave in and gave it to him. :D

So I'm happy to say I'm proud of my Sarah Palin chicken, she's the only republican among a bunch of democrats! Hey its just like real life!


So its been forever since I posted, I'm sorry!

We have a crappy internet connection. I know that's not an excuse but really, it literally took me five minutes just to LOG IN! I keep having to turn my airport on and off again so the signal will go back up to half bars and not just one.

So here's the happenings in Chicken Land AK. I came home from Vegas and my younger sister who was watching the chickens saved me 12 dozen eggs! YEAH 12! So I quickly gave most of them away and ate the rest! haha. The chickens WERE enjoying the nicer warmer weather BUT mother nature has decided it's not spring here yet and has hit us with 20 below zero again. I dont mind because its easier to clean the chicken house when its that cold, they all huddle to one side while I'm cleaning to stay a little warmer because some of the heat is coming off the floor from their crap. I literally have a steaming pile of SH*T when I'm done. :D

Speaking of sh*t, I am working on my shigaloo but I've had a setback with that warm weather we had a few weeks ago, some of my blocks have fallen apart and I think some kids kicked one of them to the side. I'm not really excited about moving another 50 lb frozen brick of sh*t again, I already did it once, why should I do it again? Oh yeah, because everyone wants to see the shigaloo... I was thinking of moving the whole thing to the middle of the lagoon, or maybe off to the side because its going to turn into one big soupy mess in the spring, and not to mention the SMELL? oh my goodness... yeah, I think I'll move it! Maybe I can con my little brother in law to help me, he's always helping me with the heavy lifting and stuff.

What else? Chisana from  NAPA has been saving their old popcorn for me and its an absolute treat to the chickens, they LOVE LOVE LOVE popcorn. Thanks!

My "cousin" Susan just told me the other day she's thinking about getting chickens again, I told her to tell me when she's going to order them so I can get some Turkey's at the same time, I want to get just a couple and not the minimum for traveling. So we're going to get together and make a Triple D Farms order soon, I'm excited! More baby birds.

My dad was talking about getting quail in Chickaloon. I would love for him to get something to keep him more busy. As if building a house isnt going to keep him busy enough! hehe. 

Anyway that's all the happenings here in Frozen Chicken Land, AK! I hope I found you all in good health, spirits, and so sorry about not blogging sooner!