Monday, December 14, 2009


Minni the chicken momma, she's a good momma! She sat by the box the whole time they were outside watching them like a hawk!
This was the biggest chick at the time. She is an "Easter Egger". She's got steel blue legs, almost silver-y colored, she will lay green eggs.
Minni again watching her babies.
The chicks enjoyed this time outside VERY MUCH, they ate dirt, grass, bugs that they could catch and were warmed by the midnight sun. They did this funny run when I would bring them outside, with their head down and wings out to the side they ran around like crazy little crack chickens. Oh they were SO CUTE at this age.

You can barley see the one in the corner, she was the smallest one of them all, about the size of a golf ball with legs! We named her Pee Wee she was so cute and everyone wanted to hold her. Eventually she became the same size as the other Rhode Island Reds and we couldn't tell witch one she was anymore.

I miss having baby chicks.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chicken Eggs!

Fresh EGGS! See how big the light brown one is?

Seagull Eggs.

This is how I like my seagull eggs, boiled on some toast. If you haven't eaten them before you probably wont really like them the first time you try them. They are a bit fishy, I LOVE EM!
We got these from Victor and Cathy, THANKS!!! Seagull eggs are collected in the spring, we got these last spring. They made really good omelets and were a good mix in our lunch time top ramen! I will always remember collecting seagull eggs with my cousins Charlotte and Docky, we drove down the coast from camp and filled about four buckets. That was such a fun day. I wish I could just be as carefree as I was when I was that age and subsist with out worrying about work, but we gotta pay the bills somehow.... Maybe my chickens will pay my bills and I can collect seagull eggs and do all that fun stuff, haha.


I'm so sorry about posting pictures in a backwards order. Maybe some day when I get a nice fast Internet connection I can be a little more in order but until that day comes you all will have to be patient with my postings. :)

Finally some PICTURES!

Calvin cutting wood, John hammering wood. :)
See the big crate in the background? That provided a lot of wood.

My Chickens are Happy Chickens!

I am very proud to say my chickens are happy chickens!

A whole new look on life.

These are the nest boxes that John, Dave and I put together. The bottom box was John's idea, he thought it would give them more of an opportunity to lay in a different place.

The chicken coop is all done and ready for the chickens to be moved in. This day was very exciting. I was so happy to have them out of the back of our house.

Moving the Chicks to the Big House!

Here is Elsa and I moving the chickens to the new coop in a bin, with two covers so I don't commit the same crime of accidentally killing another by way of suffocation. I made Elsa sit in the back of the truck while I moved them over so they didn't try to jump out of the bin. She was a good sport. Thanks Els!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hurry up and WAIT!

I'm waiting for my sister to get home from bible study so she can take pictures of....


Yeah, my chickens decided to lay some eggs yesterday, 10 to be exact. You have NO idea how excited I was to discover eggs in the nest boxes. It was like a feeling of accomplishment I've never felt before! ha ha. Yeah I'm a dork.

As soon as she gets back from bible study we'll post some pictures of eggs.

I know its a skip from the last post but I've been having problems with my profile on my home computer so I missed all the in between pictures of the chickens. Sorry!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A visit from some fine 'gents!

I wanted to post this picture that Cristian from England took of our family. We got a visit from Huw and Cristian in the fall of this year, they came to take pictures of life above the Arctic Circle. I love this picture.


Here's a picture of the coop almost done. It took almost all summer to finish this coop. Calvin and John did all the framing in one day and Calvin left the rest of the work to John. I pretty much had to light a fire under his butt before he finished it. Thank you babe!! You make a good chicken coop builder!

Thanks to my Uncle David for putting up the insulation, that was one of the hardest things to do, since you get so itchy and everything....

Again, THANK YOU JOHN! I greatly appreciate the work you've done to make my dream chicken coop. :)

ps, the wood by the coop wasn't mine, our new neighbors built a house. :)


This was the only white chick, I thought maybe it would get picked on but she ended up okay.

When I first got the chicks I put them in a plastic tote, until I went to the grocery store to get a box. The boxes worked out very well, the potty pads I used for the bottom worked well but I wished I would have tried pine shavings when they were that little because pine shavings work SO MUCH BETTER! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. The chicks were so dang cute!

Minni-Girl the Greatest Chicken Momma!

These are my babies, in a box!?
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, wait... didn't I just count you? Sit still so I can count!
Here she is checking out a baby chick. She was so interested in them when I got them in from the post office. She never once did nip at them or paw at them (until they got bigger than her). When they were babies she acted like their mom, sleeping by the box, whining when they were chirping away, and checking on them frequently.


Wow, I seriously didnt know that chickens were SO CUTE when they were little.

Here's the little box the chicks came in.

I ordered 7 Americana/Arcana Chicks that lay "Easter Egg" eggs, they're any shade of green and blue, very pretty eggs. These chickens are very good for cold weather as their comb's are "rose combs".

I also got 7 Rhode Island Red's. These lay brown eggs, and are very good layers, not broody (hopefully) and pretty forgiving of cold weather.

I wanted to try something different so I got two Black Sex Link chick's they are bred just to tell if they are male or female when they hatch. They also lay pretty brown eggs. They are also pretty heavy and have good feed to waste ratio. :)

Baby Chicks!

So my baby chicks came in July, I ordered them from Triple D Farms in Palmer/Wasilla AK. I ordered them a little early because I wanted to have them before I went to WEIO with my cousins.

The post office waited until 11am to call me about the baby chicks and I was so mad. When I got to the post office the guy at the counter said "there was no phone number on the box" I looked at the box and my phone number was literally written FOUR TIMES on the box. Well they all got here okay, but were starving and thirsty little birds. Minni took to them like babies it was quite entertaining.

Playing Catch Up Today

I'm so sorry I havent posted in a long time but we finally got a good internet connection so I'm going to play catch up today. Thank you for being patient with me!