Monday, December 14, 2009


Minni the chicken momma, she's a good momma! She sat by the box the whole time they were outside watching them like a hawk!
This was the biggest chick at the time. She is an "Easter Egger". She's got steel blue legs, almost silver-y colored, she will lay green eggs.
Minni again watching her babies.
The chicks enjoyed this time outside VERY MUCH, they ate dirt, grass, bugs that they could catch and were warmed by the midnight sun. They did this funny run when I would bring them outside, with their head down and wings out to the side they ran around like crazy little crack chickens. Oh they were SO CUTE at this age.

You can barley see the one in the corner, she was the smallest one of them all, about the size of a golf ball with legs! We named her Pee Wee she was so cute and everyone wanted to hold her. Eventually she became the same size as the other Rhode Island Reds and we couldn't tell witch one she was anymore.

I miss having baby chicks.

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